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About the Authors

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We believe in our generation, and we care deeply about equipping our peers with the knowledge necessary to become the most financially successful generation ever.

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Although we certainly have our differences in background and opinion, we have experienced a very similar blueprint to get to where we're at today. 
  • We both grew up in the small town of Bucyrus, Ohio and bolted for the big city (Columbus) after graduation.
  • We spent most of our lives playing sports together, but oddly enough, by senior year of high school we did not play any of the same sports. 
  • We spent our college summers as delivery drivers for Home City Ice and surprisingly, we enjoyed it in a weird way we can't quite explain. Home City really ended up being the bond that strengthened our friendship for life.
  • Although we had vastly different college experiences, we were both business majors and studied many similar concepts and topics.
  • We have many similar interests and do a lot of the same things including mostly attending sporting events, drinking beer, and traveling. Our girlfriends, Rosie and Amanda, are also best friends which really helps us to buy time to hang out a lot.
  • Smart Money Seed was formed as a result of a conversation while in line at Cedar Point (another shared interest).

First and foremost, thank you for visiting our space. I’m super excited to share some of my knowledge with you, and I hope you teach me some things along the way, too!
I recently (2015) graduated from Capital University with a BA in Financial Economics and Marketing. At Capital I was a member of the baseball team, ate a lot of junk food, and played way too many video games. There are rumors that during my sophomore year of school, I spent more weekend nights practicing trick shots on an indoor basketball hoop with my roommate, Derek, than I spent going out to bars. Before my college days, I grew up in the small town of Bucyrus, Ohio. I currently work as a Financial Analyst at Battelle Memorial Institute.
Now that I have the boring stuff out of the way, here are some things you might actually want to know about me:
·      I have a passion for sports. I love all Cleveland sports and the Buckeyes.
·      I am openly addicted to coffee.
·      At one point in time, my household had seven cats. No, I did not live on a farm.
·      The Office, Breaking Bad, and HIMYM are among my favorite TV shows, but I’ll still watch an episode of SpongeBob on occasion.
·      I love traveling. Two of my favorite spots are Washington D.C. and Boulder.
·      I want to travel internationally, but I haven’t had the opportunity. Give me some ideas of where I should go!
My biggest passion is learning. Whether it is taking a class, reading a book, or talking to someone I know, I am always trying to learn. Just as much as I love learning, I love helping others learn. My hope is this blog will fulfill both. Thanks again for stopping by, I really look forward to working with you!


Hey, everyone! I’m Alex Constantine, and I would like to start by saying thank you all so much for reading our blog. It truly means a lot to Christian and me, and we hope you find some great value in it. 

I graduated from Ohio State in May 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with specializations in logistics and economics. If that last sentence didn’t make you throw up, then I think we’re going to get along just fine. I get a lot of disgusted looks when I tell people about my major, but I promise you even if you think those subjects sound boring, they don’t mean I’m a boring guy. Actually, the fact that I spend most of my time outside of work on this blog is what means I’m a boring guy. I currently work in supply chain as a procurement representative for Marathon Petroleum.
I have not explicitly learned about the topics we will be writing about because of my background, education, or job responsibilities. I think that’s a big reason why I’m so passionate about these topics.
Here are some other random facts about me:
·         I am a Christian and am currently trying to read The Bible and learn more about God
·         I love Ohio State and Cleveland sports
·         My goatee is 3 different colors: black, red, and gray
·         I have a strong entrepreneurial drive and desire
·         The ability to travel freely is one of my main financial goals
·         Most of what I say throughout the course of normal conversation consists of movie quotes
Your interaction is vital to the blog. We don’t exist without YOU! So please share your experiences, ask questions, and engage in our online community. We want to learn from you just as much as you will learn from us. Thanks again for reading; we hope you stick around!

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