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Why I Started An Internet Business & You Should Too!

This post is brought to you by Josh at Money Life Wax. Thanks for the awesome content, Josh!

When I was 28 it hit me like a ton of bricks - I was pretty much at the pinnacle of my career as far as growth went. 

At 27, I was hired as an Assistant Athletic Director - the youngest in my 10,000+ employee school district. My life long goal of being an AD had finally been reached - just five years into my career. 

I actually really enjoyed my career as an assistant athletic director. Really, the next step was just a pay raise and a title change by losing the word assistant. However, I just felt something pulling me. 

My wife had quite the student loan balance and working an average of 50 hours a week for the next 30+ years just wasn’t appealing. 

And so one day I emailed my old school and asked to become a teacher again. I decided on a whim that I wanted to focus on some entrepreneurial activities outside of work and teaching would allow me the flexibility to do so. 

Like that, one step away from my lifelong goal, I decided to walk away… and I don’t ever plan on looking back!

Go For It!

If you want to read about how I started a personal finance blog with the most random name ever you can read about it here

Money Life Wax is actually not that random, but if you know me, it fits perfectly. I am one of the most impulsive people you might ever come across. 

In the entrepreneurial world it can be an asset and a liability at the same time. I will do just about anything to make money, mostly out of sheer curiosity. 

From painting shutters, mowing grass, selling stuff, hustlin t-shirts, you name it - I have always had that entrepreneurial personality. 

I am the type of person that changes what they do every two years - just like most millennials. However, all my chore type side hustles are, just that … side hustles. And while I respect the hustle, (I actually still cut my neighbors yard) owning a company is where it is at. 

And here is my biggest piece of advice… do it now why you are 22, dont wait to be 30 like me! Oh and like Smart Money Seed talks about taxes in this post…. Business ownership is still the way to go when it comes to tax code. 

Online Business 101

I will let you in on a secret, the key to starting an internet based business is actually using the internet to your advantage… that and some people skills. But sometimes you don’t even need those. 

August 2017 - I had no internet based business skills. I had dabbled with other companies outside of the internet and had some relative success. However, by my impulsive nature, I started a blog. 

This led me down a path of research and exploration that led me to some different opportunities. One thing led to another and I quickly realized that doing stuff one my time was awesome. I joined a few Facebook groups, followed a few people on Twitter and tinkered with my website. 

By January 2018, after growing my blog, I decided it was time to start a digital marketing company - Spark Marketing & Advertising.

Small business owners need help with their online presence. If they are a smart business person, they will realize that having a mobile friendly site, well managed social media, and quality content that ranks is key to scaling their business. 

With minimal capital, (My LLC was like $100, my domain and  hosting was $220) I started an online business. I should add I took one course that was really helpful - Millennial Money Man’s course on digital marketing

It actually ended up being a game changer for just my overall skill set but also for my blog! 
I landed a client through my sphere of influence, saved him money, and now I have a nice little thing going. In all honesty it wasn’t that hard and just about anyone can do what I did. 

Here are just a few recommendations I have before you get started:

1. Be patient. 

Do not expect to be the best at something overnight. My impulsivity gets the best of me because I am not afraid to start anything. But I used to have the bad habit of not sticking to anything. This is a huge no no in the entrepreneurial world. Patience is huge. 

2. Realize there is never a good time. 

Personal rant, but I really am thrown off by the timing excuse. Honestly, when is there ever a good time to do anything? If you are waiting to make a cross country trip until all the lights are green you will never get started. 

Just get in the action mode. Don’t overwhelm yourself, just carve out 5 hours a week to start where you can dedicate yourself. 

At age 22-26 you will have more free time than any other time other then age 7. Take advantage of it now. 

3. Don’t worry about screwing up. 

As a teacher I know it all to well. We are conditioned not to make mistakes. At work if we make mistakes we get in trouble. When you are business owner and you make mistakes - you learn. 

Weird how that works right?

The quicker you can get over screwing up the quicker you will move on with whatever you decide to do. 

4. Invest in YOU.

I am sure you hear this all the time. But it is real. Invest in yourself. Any good company or business requires a bit of expertise. I personally believe in reading at least a book every two weeks and listening to something other than radio when I drive. 

Typically those two will cover it. I would also recommend just finding a few people in your field you enjoy and really learn as much as you can from them. Networking is huge!

And lastly, but not least. Maybe the most important…

5. Don’t Compare Yourself. 

People are attracted to people who are convicted. And they may not admit it, but people can relate when you are honest and wide open. 

But my biggest recommendation for new internet business owners is this: Do not get caught up in comparing yourself to others. 

Personally, I would look at what all my friends are doing on social media while I am sitting here working on a project or saving money to pay off student loans and it made me feel not so good. 

It is really easy to be tempted to put something like a small start-up on the back burner to go chase something really fun. 

My biggest recommendation and area to avoid is comparison. Seperating yourself from the masses is hard as it is. Throw in social media and all the distractions life entails and it can be surprisingly easy to let things go by the wayside. 

Avoid comparison and know why you are starting a business and you will do great!

Hope you enjoy and thanks again for letting my share Smart Money Seed!


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