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Five Finance Friday 2/23/2018

Happy Friday, Smart Money Squad! We’re back with another round of kick-ass articles from some of our favorite bloggers to take you into the weekend. Anyone have some fun plans? I know I’ll be kicking back with a few brews & soaking up the last events of the Winter Olympics. Who knew Coors & curling went so well together? 

Anyways, to the articles…and don’t forget to give these great authors some feedback on their hard work!

1)      Thinking small to save BIG

Throughout life, we find ourselves in the mindset of having to make BIG moves in order to boost our savings. While this may work for some people, in reality, wealth is established through a bunch of small things we do in our everyday lives that ultimately impact our financial wellness. Allison Martin of MoneyTalksNews breaks down 11 small ways you can change your financial actions to save money, keeping those hard-earned dollars in your wallet. We’re always looking to save a quick buck, so thanks for the great suggestions, Allison!

2)       Challenge yourself to #SayNo

One of our favorite blogs, Budgets Are Sexy, makes the Five Finance Friday cut with the #YearofNo challenge. This mantra poses the idea of answering all decisions to spend money with a resounding “NO” & then having to talk yourself into the idea of spending that money. As somebody that far too often does the opposite of this, it’s an interesting perspective on justifying your purchases. J. Money explains how this mentality can be utilized throughout all facets of life, extending beyond the financial realm. An interesting read for sure-try it out if you find yourself spending needlessly!

3)       Starting a business isn’t all glamorous…

Have you been curious about what a start-up business looks like from behind the eyes of the entrepreneur? If so, Jeff Rose & Good Financial Cents has you covered with five crucial lessons he learned from starting a business. From the “many hats” you need to wear to deliver business success to ensuring you’ve carefully selected your business partners, Jeff shares some tough lessons learned that shaped his business today.

Smart Money Seed also launched our entrepreneurial series this week to critical acclaim, taking you into the life of Kelly Redmon & her start-up Kennedy Layne Salon. We’re excited to share more inspiring stories like Kelly’s-if you know somebody that may be a good fit for this series, feel free to connect with us on social media!  

4)      Your beginning is NOT somebody else’s middle

This is a topic that the Smart Money Seed team can certainly relate to as we strive to be the best financial blog in the business. When you take on any task in your life, keep in mind that your beginning is not going to start at your counterparts' middle. Comparing yourself to others is a good motivator but can also be a detriment to your progress if you dwell on it. Make your dream a reality by setting goals & remembering that everybody has a different beginning-but we all can reach the same success. Thanks for the motivation, Making Sense of Cents!

5)      Are you sure you can’t buy a home, millennials?

 Last but certainly not least, a topic near and dear to my heart: buying a home. As Kayleigh and I work on our wedding planning (October is approaching FAST), the thought of purchasing our first home has certainly crept in. However, that nagging 20% down payment anecdote seems out-of-reach when breaking down our ideal price for a house + wedding payments. Thankfully, Millennial Money is here to debunk the biggest reason first-time buyers aren't purchasing homes: the down payment. There are many options out there for prospective homeowners, something Kayleigh & I will surely take a hard look at when considering our living situation.

TIME FOR THE WEEKEND, GUYS! For those true ride-or-die Smart Money Seed readers, we’ve got a nice song to take you out on a high note for the weekend. Thanks for reading-see you next time for #FiveFinanceFriday!

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