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Five Finance Friday - 2/2/18

What's up, Smart Money Squad! We hope you all had an amazing Christmas. It's that time again for another edition of our weekly series, Five Finance Friday. We're bringing you 5 articles that I've come across throughout the week and particularly enjoyed and think you will enjoy as well. The topics will vary between all the different topics we write about, blogging, entrepreneurship, hot topics or really whatever we happen to be drawn to that week (basically we'll do whatever the hell we want).

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1. Prepare for battle next time you go shopping

Everyone knows marketers and advertisers are out to make us spend money. They'll do anything from playing targeted music, to putting different smells in the air, all the way to literally standing in front of your face to tell you about an awesome deal. All with of this is done with one goal in mind: to make a buck. Well, look no further: Matt Matheson is here with Method To Your Money, and he's ready to equip you with the guns and ammo that you need next time you step foot into the war zone of a retail store.

2. Not all banks are evil...but this one might be

If you haven't heard already, Bank of America has made headlines by eliminating its eBanking program, their only account option that made it easy to bank fee-free. Nerd Wallet writer Spencer Tierney does an excellent job of breaking down Bank of America's decision & alternative banking options for those of us that prefer to not pay for a banking institution to hold our money.

3. You go, girls

A recent study from Fidelity showed that the number of women with $1 MILLION 401k accounts has doubled over the last 12 years and that women are reaching that number faster than men. Not sure whether you're on the right track for retirement? Julia Chang has 4 powerful suggestions for you in her article published on Forbes.

4. Smash student loans

Student loans can be a huge financial burden for new college grads, but Josh from Money Life Wax isn't letting his loans get the best of him! He made some amazing headway in 2017, obliterating $57,000 in student loan debt! He shares some insight into his journey as well as some tips for you if you're ready to kick your student loans to the curb.

5. Reset with Frugal February

Still feeling the financial effects of an expensive holiday season? A great way to reset your finances and set yourself back into motion barreling towards financial success is to participate in Frugal February. Damn Millennial has 5 tips for us to crush Frugal February and set ourselves up for an ultra-successful financial 2018!

Thanks for stopping by, squad. Go give these authors a shout and have a kick ass weekend!

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