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Five Finance Friday - 1/12/2018

What's up, Smart Money Squad! We hope you're off to an amazing start to the new year! And if you're getting snowed and iced on all weekend, stay safe out there (or how about we all just stay safe in general).

It's that time again for another edition of our weekly series, Five Finance Friday. We're bringing you 5 articles that we've come across throughout the week and particularly enjoyed and think you will enjoy as well. The topics will vary between all the different topics we write about, blogging, entrepreneurship, hot topics or really whatever we happen to be drawn to that week (basically we'll do whatever the hell we want).

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1. Negotiating A Raise

Who doesn't love getting a raise? Chances are, most of us aren't exactly swimming in 10% raises year after year after year. If you think you deserve a raise and you want to have that conversation with your boss, Forbes has some amazing content for you brought to you by The Muse

Preparation is key especially for a conversation like that, and The Muse wants to make sure you're more than prepared by providing you with The Woksheet You 100% Need To Fill Out Before Asking Your Boss For A Raise. Even if you're not ready to ask for a raise quite yet, this worksheet and article will definitely help you stay focused at work and make sure you're spending your time and effort doing the right things that your organization values.

2. Get Real With Yourself About Your Money

Erin from Broke Millennial is one of the first bloggers Christian and I started following and learning from when we relaunched as Smart Money Seed. She always brings solid content, and she certainly did not disappoint this week with My Embarrassing #RealMoneyTalk Moment.

Sometimes the reason we're held back from success in money or other areas of our lives is because we're afraid to face our fears. We sweep those little problems under the rug until they become bigger and bigger problems and we're forced to put out a fire. Although Erin is an extremely knowledgeable and responsible money manager, she was having a hard time consistently budgeting after a switch to an unpredictable freelance income. Instead of hiding from her problem, she had a tough conversation about this and is taking steps to correct it.

3. Resume Of Failures

Sticking with Erin's theme here, J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy opens up with us in My Resume of Failures. Being afraid of failure is the biggest and sometimes the only factor holding people back from making changes in their lives that they're passionate about. A good place to start in getting over those fears is to be open and honest with yourself and others about your failures and start working towards making sure they're not failures next time!

4. Take Control Of Life

Quit drifting, people! It's so easy to get into a rut where life is just happening to us and we're reacting to our surroundings instead of taking life by the horns and being proactive about the way we want to live. Jillian from Montana Money Adventures does a great job of putting this in perspective for us with her post Show Up and Lean In.

The formula for being proactive in our lives requires two key ingredients: being present in our lives (show up) and working hard to manage and improve the most important aspects of our lives (lean in). Jillian takes us through specific examples of showing up and leaning in in four important aspects of life: marriage, money, health, and friendships.

5. Take Control Of Life 2

This is a very themed (and unintentionally so) Five Finance Friday! Mystery Money Man brings some great perspective in the latest post Your Most Important Task Probably Isn't. I need to throw a disclaimer out before I go on that my perspective is that of a person who does not have children. I understand children change the equation of priorities in life, and my perspective will (hopefully) change one day.

I absolutely can't stand when people complain about how busy they are outside of work hours or if they're retired. If you're one of those people, I have a message for you. The time away from work is your time. So you should spend it how you want to spend it! Why people spend their own time doing trivial things that bring them no happiness, I will never understand.

I write my intentions for my day every day for at work and outside of work. Sometimes my intentions are to write a blog post, sometimes work on marketing efforts, and sometimes just play video games or watch sports. I then write a quick paragraph at the end of my day to talk about how my day went and whether I successfully completed what I had intended. This practice allows me to spend my time almost exactly how I want to! Yes, things come up from time to time that cause me to change my intentions, but unless it's a horrific emergency, usually things are changing because I found something else I would rather do. Be proactive and spend your time doing what you want to do!

Thanks for stopping by, squad. Go give these authors a shout and have a kick ass weekend!

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