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We're All Born With Different Resources. Let's Make The Most Of Them!

In case you haven't figured this out by now, Christian, Ty, and I enjoy talking about our own knowledge and experiences in the hopes that it might help others with similar experiences or who are hoping to have similar experiences.

This blog will not help a multi-millionaire CEO double her net worth or an impoverished single parent find an extra $5 for groceries. Sure, some of the concepts we talk about do apply all the way up and down the wealth spectrum, but we feel our articles have the strongest impact on those in similar situations as ours.

We also understand that we have not exactly started from scratch. We are extremely fortunate to have been born into somewhat privileged family situations with strong support systems and an abundance of resources to help us accomplish the things we have accomplished and wish to to accomplish.

It's been said a million times, but I'll say (type) it again. Life's not fair. We badly wish it were, but it's just not. Some of us are born on 2nd base, some are born having already scored, some are born standing at the plate getting ready to bat, and some are born 100 miles away from the field with no concept of what the game even is.

No matter where your life started, your parents worked hard to get you to where you're at. Generally speaking, your parents started at some point on the spectrum I mentioned above and scratched and clawed their entire lives doing everything they knew to put you in the best possible situation. Wherever they ended up, they need to call in a pinch runner at some point. Now it's time for you to take the baton and run with it.

DISCLAIMER: My understanding of the rules of baseball is predicated on teachings from Christian, SMS resident baseball expert. If you have a problem with it, talk to him.

A Motivated and Committed Person can Accomplish Anything!

We've all been given an opportunity to run, and although we don't all start at the same spot or have the same equipment and resources to help us run fast, we have an opportunity to run. My dad's dad was born into an impoverished family. He took his baton and ran, becoming an entrepreneur (albeit with additional challenges some of which were self-imposed) who, with much help from my grandma, always made sure his family had enough to get by.

My dad grabbed the baton at an early age and aspired to leverage the institutions available to him in society in order to get ahead. He spent 22 years in the Air National Guard and earned a bachelor's degree in business from Bowling Green, working for county and state agencies for nearly 30 years and counting. Again with much help from my mom, my brother and I had everything we could have ever possibly needed and then some.

High School graduation is an important point where your light
jog needs to turn into a dead sprint to get you where you want to go.
I was fortunate enough to live my life relatively sheltered and free from distractions. But that didn't mean I was content with staying on 2nd base where I was born. I understand I didn't hit that double, but my parents handed me this baton, and I have worked hard my entire life so I can take off with it. I was able to focus on school growing up, and my parents (gently most of the time) pushed me to be the best I could be academically and personally.

I was fortunate enough to have the resources to be able to go to Ohio State and earn my degree in 4 years. Part of that was my parents' willingness to help out, part of that was my own desire to work and make sacrifices to take on part of the financial burden of college myself, and part of that was my small academic scholarships I had earned through hard work during my high school years and earlier.

I worked hard during college to get a great job and spend a lot of my free time trying to build our blog, our brand, and our squad. Sure, I still spend plenty of time playing video games and going to the bars. But I'm working hard every week to make myself and my overall mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc. situation better the next week.

Take Off!

I hope this post doesn't make me come across as an egotistical maniac. My point is not to focus on my life and what my family and I have done. My point is that no matter what situation you are born into, you need to run.

When you're running, you're going to fall. You might even break your leg or tear your achilles, but those are the most important moments when you have to find a way to get back up and run some more. Dig deep and find every resource available to help you to start moving again.

Sometimes when life makes it hard to run, you need to find a
vehicle to help get your ass in gear.

If you feel lost or unmotivated or like you have the world working against you, my best advice for you is to just start running. Set a goal for yourself, make a plan, and utilize every resource possible to improve your situation. We have the opportunity to accomplish so much with the resources available to us in society. Just because those resources might not be available to you today doesn't mean they can't be available to you tomorrow.

It's never too late to start running.

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