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Five Finance Friday 12/8/2017

What's up, Smart Money Squad! This is the first installment of our new weekly series, Five Finance Friday. We're going to bring you 5 articles that I've come across throughout the week and particularly enjoyed and think you will enjoy as well. The topics will vary between all the different topics we write about, blogging, entrepreneurship, hot topics or really whatever we happen to be drawn to that week (basically we'll do whatever the hell we want).

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1. Travel Hacking/Credit

Mr. Jamie Griffin gives some great tips for anyone looking to get into the travel hacking game in Travel Hacking Our Way to Cheap Vacations. If you're interested in learning more about travel hacking, Ty posted an awesome travel hacking 101 which has quickly become one of our most popular posts. Jamie focuses on an extremely important success factor in travel hacking -- the ability to remain disciplined when using a credit card.

If you're not used to using a credit card, it's a good idea to ease in rather than going crazy trying to rack up points on day 1. The cost of credit card debt will quickly erase any benefits you might be getting from y our rewards!

2. Saving $$

Making Sense of Cents was featured on CNBC this week with money-saving strategies from spouses who bank 85% of their income. Congrats, Michelle -- such an awesome accomplishment! This offers some great perspective on a couple who hasn't lost sight of their financial goals even as their income increased about 10x. These money saving strategies can be applied whether you're making $1,000 per month or $100,000.

3. College & Costs/Benefits of Sports

The Cheap Athlete gives some comprehensive insight into the realities of college scholarships and the financials behind them in Breaking Down The Average College Athletic Scholarship. First and foremost, this reminded me I need to revisit my investigation into whether Christian was paid to play college baseball. I've heard he's up for the corner outfielder warmer upper hall of fame soon!

We often see college athletes receiving scholarships, but we might not necessarily think about the fact that not only are most scholarships not full rides, but those athletes have incurred a hell of a lot of costs to earn that scholarship. People should participate in sports because they enjoy them and not because they'll be a "free" ticket to a college education. Not everyone can make hundreds? thousands? millions? like Christian did back in his day.

4. Blogging

Ninja Budgeter published an article this week that should be particularly interesting for new bloggers, 11 Lessons I've Learned From A Year Of BloggingThis serves as a great reminder that we're in this blogging game to provide value for others which we need to do consistently at a powerful level through our blog content, promotions through social media, and interactions with others, and we need to be strategic in doing so. Thanks for the content, Mike -- congrats on completing your first year!

5. Networking

Millennial Money Man gives us a reminder of the importance of networking in Why Networking Is as Powerful as Compound Interest. Bobby provides us some great insight into how networking has helped him not only in his current role as an entrepreneur, but also to land his first traditional job as a teacher. I've seen powerful examples of networking in my own life as well.

I actually applied at Marathon because Christian's brother-in-law works there and told Christian to apply. Christian told me about the company, and a few months later I found myself in Houston for an internship. Bobby also gives some tips on how to network including the dreaded but oh so important "Step out of your comfort zone."

Thanks for stopping by, squad. Go give these authors a shout and have a kick ass weekend!

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