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2017: A Year In Review Plus 2018 Preview

Thank you and Happy New Year from Smart Money Seed!

We would be remiss if we did not start this post with a huge and sincere thank you and shout-out to our Smart Money Squad! All your support is the reason why we decided to relaunch earlier this year, why we've worked so hard to build what we've built, and why we're so motivated to continue to build and work to grow exponentially through 2018.

This community is ultimately for you, so we sincerely thank you for forming Smart Money Seed into what it's become thus far and what it will become.

2017 Highlights

2017 was obviously a super exciting year for us as it was effectively our first year on the job. Although we dabbled in the blogging space last year for a minute, we attacked 2017 with much more focus and effort and worked hard to bring you all useful, helpful, and hopefully enjoyable content.
  • Officially added Ty to the fold in November
  • Surpassed 25,000 total pageviews!
  • Set a record in December with over 4,500 pageviews
  • Grew our Twitter to over 900 followers
  • Grew our Facebook to over 80 likes and followers
  • Launched a podcast with 3 episodes to date
  • Posted 41 posts

2018 Goals

2017 was a fun year for us full of learning, experimentation, and establishing ourselves. This process has served its purpose and has been extremely meaningful and helpful for us. But it's time to blow the doors off this thing.

We're deeply invested in making Smart Money Seed the best platform in this personal finance, career, travel, and lifestyle space. A big part of that for us is working harder to learn what exactly you want to get out of this. Our 2018 goals are all centered around 2 main topics: growth and outreach.
  • Increase interaction with and within our community on Facebook & our website
    • We know you have awesome ideas and opinions. Some of our most successful posts have been about topics suggested by our community. We know we'll all get more out of this community with increased interaction. We're going to do our best to develop this in our own community and within our blogging community, but we really need you to step in here and help us out!
  • Post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • We've been working hard the last couple months to get ready to bring you high quality content more often. We're proud of our 41 posts in 2017, but we're shooting for at least 150 in 2018.
  • Record and post weekly podcast episodes
    • We really enjoy recording podcasts and will be looking to do some fun, fresh things with our podcast in 2018. We're going to start bringing you podcast episodes on a regular basis in the next couple of months.
  • Initiate unique outreach initiatives
    • I'm working on increase our interaction within the blogging community, Christian is developing some boots on the ground type in-person outreach strategies, and Ty is developing our Facebook strategy. Another initiative I will be initiating in 2018 is our entrepreneur interview series -- more to come on that in the coming weeks.
  • 10x our following and interactions
    • We're striving to hit 250,000 pageviews, 10,000 Twitter followers, and 1,000 Facebook likes. Again, we're counting on you to help us grow for the benefit of everyone involved.

Thank You!

Again, we cannot stress enough how much we appreciate all your support. We hope you all are ready for a kick ass 2018 for all of us as a community and individually. We're so excited for what's to come, and we're going to make sure this is an exciting year for the Smart Money Squad too!

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