2016 - Smart Money Seed


Welcome (Back) to Smart Money Seed!


Hey everyone, welcome to our community! If you're a returning reader, and if you actually remember the fact that we used to write, we'd like to start by saying we're sorry. We know that our blog sucked before, and we really fell off the wagon quickly. We're here to tell you that we're back for good, and we're working hard to bring you useful, interesting, and entertaining content on a consistent basis.

We really appreciate you being here with us. If you would like to know a little more about us, you can check out our About the Authors page. This post will give you some information about what you can expect from us, what we expect from you, and you’ll be able to make the decision of whether you’re ready to let us help you take control of your financial life once and for all.

Disclaimer: we are new to the blogging world. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of changes to our blog over the next few weeks and even months. We want to make this space simple and user friendly, and we can’t accomplish that without a little trial and error.

Why We’re Here

We know that many of you are ready to change your lives and your current or future families’ lives forever by taking complete control of your financials. Many of the concepts that we teach reach beyond the millennial generation and can be applied to the population as a whole; however, we are most equipped to bring you useful content by drawing upon our own experiences as millennials. We want to help you rebrand our entire generation to be known as the most financially savvy and responsible generation ever.

Although we mostly write about personal finance, ultimately, we feel life is about relationships. The friendship we share helps us to bring a unique and fresh perspective to each other and to all of you. We value our readers, and we want to get to know you. So please engage with us on Twitter (Alex, Christian), in the comments, and through email. If we write a post you love, tell us and tell a friend about it! If we write something you hate, let us know! We're big boys, we can handle a little hate mail-- especially if it's about Christian.

We are doing this because we genuinely care about teaching and helping people in need. We have identified personal finance education as potentially the biggest gap in our education system, and we are working to fill that gap. Even small personal finance practices and decisions can be life changing for you and your entire family, and many people go through life without the proper education and tools to make informed decisions. God has provided us with the avenues to find this knowledge and these tools, and we want to ensure that we do everything we can to pass all that along to you.

What to Expect 

In conclusion, we have a few rules for us and a few rules for you:

Rules for the Writers

1. Content

We are here to provide valuable information for you guys. There’s no point in us writing an article simply to add another title to the archive. As the writers of this blog, we will strive to produce the best possible work we can provide. We don’t want to waste our time writing pointless articles, and we surely don’t want to waste yours!

2. Language

Finance jargon can be intimidating; there are so many foreign words and acronyms. Our goal is not to impress you with the use of all these big words. We will always do our best to put our posts in common, everyday language.

3. Transparency

We think secrets are overrated. The days of transparency are here. We’re recent college grads, not veteran financial advisors. We make mistakes. We don’t know everything. We have nothing to gain from hiding anything from you, so we don’t plan to do so!

Rules for the Readers

1. Talk

Every time we write an article, our readers are expected to respond with 5-10 page essay (that was Alex’s idea - you don't have to do that). But we really do want you guys to communicate back and forth with us. We hope our articles are helpful, insightful, and at times, maybe even slightly entertaining, but the real purpose of our posts is to encourage conversation. The value of this blog (for us and our readers) stems from subsequent conversations.

2. Critique

We are not financial experts, and we are never going to tell you that we are experts. Our purpose is simply to share what we do know about some topics relating to personal finance. Since we’re not experts, we fully expect to make some mistakes. When we make those mistakes, we want you tell us about it!

3. Suggest

We want to write articles that are meaningful to you! We’ve made some guesses and assumptions as to some areas that we can provide information, but we want you to tell about topics you want to learn about. If we know about the topic, we will share. If we don’t know about a topic, we will research it and tell you what we find. 

We promise to always be honest and transparent with you, and we hope you can do the same with us. We are extremely excited about this opportunity, and we hope you stick around and engage with us!